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Assignment that I am the most proud of

I am most proud of my Water assignment. I already love the water and i'm near it all the time so I was really excited to start photographing to see what types of things I could accomplish. I initially had ideas to photography water sports and people playing in the ocean or with a watering hose. When I think of the water, I think of non stop action and activities, but this assignment has showed me a different side to the ocean. I took very simple photos, and when I think of simple photos, of the ocean, I think that they would turn out boring. But getting close up to a certain subject defiantly makes it more alluring. For my future work, I want to photograph a different side and view that people don't normally have on certain things like I did with the ocean. I want to introduce people to a different way of photography and how it can show aspects you may never had seen before. 

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